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Have Your Say On New Proposed Plastic Welding Standard

Tue, 02 August, 2022

TWI is represented on a number of standards committees to help set down safe and effective working parameters for a range of industries, processes and applications.

Our Technology Fellow, Mike Troughton is a member of the BSI Standards Committee WEE/3 - Welding and Thermal Joining of Plastics, who are proposing to develop a new standard:

‘Plastics – Joining of Thermoplastic Moulded Components - Qualification of Thermal Joining Process Specification’

TWI Technology Fellow, Mike Troughton
TWI Technology Fellow, Mike Troughton

Although EN ISO 15614 Parts 1-13 define how to qualify welding procedures for metallic parts, there is no equivalent standard for welds or staked joints in plastic components.

This proposed new standard will fill this gap and help plastics companies improve the quality of their welded products.

The standard will cover the following processes:

  • ultrasonic welding
  • hot plate welding
  • vibration welding
  • spin welding
  • laser welding
  • infrared welding
  • orbital vibration welding
  • hot gas convection welding
  • ultrasonic/hot air/electrical/infrared staking

The proposed new standard will define how to assess the welded joints created with these methods and how to determine test acceptance levels in order to qualify welding/thermal joining procedures for plastic components.

The BSI would like your opinion on whether this proposed standard will be useful to the plastics industry – so, if you can spare the time, please provide your thoughts on the subject at the following link:

You will need to login or register with the BSI in order to comment, which you can do via the BSI Standards Development home page, here:

For more information please email: