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FSW Goes Beneath the Waves

Fri, 17 June, 2022

As part of the RESURGAM project, an EU funded project to develop friction stir welding of steel for the maritime sector, TWI has undertaken the under water welding of 12mm thick carbon steel.

Using FSW tools provided by project partner Element Six, TWI developed welding parameters to butt weld 12mm thick S355 steel in a single pass and with no discernible distortion. These welds will now be assessed for strength, toughness and fatigue performance by the Technical University of Delft.

This capability adds further to the existing successes of the RESURGAM project, with TWI already having demonstrated that it is possible to lap weld steel patches under water to a simulated ship hull plate.

The ability to weld steel, under water, by friction stir welding opens up lots of potential applications for the European shipbuilding and marine construction sector. As part of RESURGAM, under water friction stir welding will be further developed for the repair of ships by partner Forth Engineering Ltd, allowing damaged ships to be repaired without the need for dry docking.

The technique will also be applicable to the salvage of ships, allowing them to be patched and refloated, or any damaged fuel and cargo tanks sealed to ensure that contaminants don’t leak into the marine environment.

Further details of the RESURGAM project can be obtained from the project website

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