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Developing Skills with Remote, Robotically-Enabled Learning

Wed, 29 June, 2022

TWI is holding a webinar on 5 October 2022 dedicated to the topic of enhancing workforce skills through remotely accessed, robotically enabled distance learning.

The webinar, ‘Pushing Forward - A New Path In Skills Development,’ is taking place from 10-11:30 GMT, to present this innovative and forward-thinking solution for learning, experimentation and validation.

We have been working on creating distance learning and training environments that can be accessed remotely and on-demand using robots to connect to a range of learning scenarios.

The long-term goal of this development work is to enable personnel around the world to remotely access physical facilities using a combination of telepresence and robotic manipulators, allowing them to take advantage of expensive infrastructure for training tasks without the need to physically travel to a site.

In addition to the learning potential offered by these remotely-accessed systems, the advanced development of telepresence tools offers the expansion of remotely operated robotic inspection capabilities. This would allow for inspections to safely take place in hazardous environments or where an inspector may not be able to attend a site in person.

You can find put more about this exciting and innovative development for advanced robotic systems by registering for the webinar here.

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