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Celebrating Inclusion at TWI Pakistan

Tue, 10 May, 2022

TWI Ltd completed a 10-month ‘Living Our Values’ campaign to promote a positive environment across all of our global sites, including at TWI Pakistan.

Unfortunately, the planned in-person celebrations at our head office in the UK had to be cancelled and moved online due to the Covid-19 situation there at the time.

Despite this, other sites, including TWI Pakistan, were able come together and meet up for the presentation, which was streamed from the UK.

TWI CEO Aamir Khalid and director Leonie Stewart spoke on cultivating a truly inclusive organisational culture at TWI, including the results of staff feedback and recommendations.

The global inclusion event was able to be celebrated in the office at TWI Pakistan, allowing staff the opportunity to meet up if they wanted.

Food was ordered and there was even a celebratory cake-cutting moment!

We know there is more that we can accomplish to become an ever-more inclusive and accepting organisation that recognises the unique talents and individual capabilities of all of our employees.

However, the last few months has seen TWI come a long way to become a more diverse and accepting organisation.

We are proud of what we have achieved and look forward to continuing this progress through 2022 and beyond.

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