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Babcock Introduces TWI Software to Welding Operations

Thu, 18 August, 2022

Marine, nuclear, land and aviation specialists, Babcock International have implemented the use of various TWI welding management software packages for their operations.

The integrated systems will cover their welding documentation, information and reporting through the capture and organisation of welding procedure qualifications, welder qualification records, and by capturing welding activities.

The systems manage qualification records and monitor welding scope progress, as well as handling welder performance monitoring, weld repair rate assessments (including trend monitoring of weld repair rates, productivity, and defect classification), and producing data.

Pre-loaded with the relevant codes, standards, material classifications, and with auto-generated qualification ranges, the information is housed in a central database accessible to all Babcock sites.

Digitising and controlling data through the use of software developed and maintained by TWI means that Babcock will be able to record, control and improve all aspects of their welding process, enhancing their current services.

We are proud that Babcock have chosen to trust our software for their operations and you can find out more about what TWI Software has to offer here.

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