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An Introduction to Laser Surface Engineering

Wed, 18 May, 2022

Laser surface engineering has a massive scope of applications within multiple industry sectors. Whether it is used for texturing of surfaces for anti-icing, anti-fouling or water repellency, changing of surface microstructure in order to influence hardness, or for cleaning or decontamination of components, lasers are incredibly versatile when used for the engineering of surfaces.

On Thursday 12 May, TWI held a popular webinar which gave an introduction into how lasers are used in different applications, together with some advantages and current limitations of the state of the art as it is today. The session also featured examples of how laser surface engineering is used and some discussion on where the technology is headed in the upcoming years, ending with a live Q&A from TWI experts Andy Wilson and Paola De Bono.

If you missed the webinar on 12 May, you can now watch the recording at your own convenience.

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