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TWI to Present IUK WrapSense Results at PTC 2021

Wed, 17 February, 2021

Rodrigo Rueda, project leader of the monitoring and inspection research (MIR) section of TWI, along with Dr Stephen Edmondson, chief science officer of Direct-C, will be presenting the results of WrapSense, an InnovateUK collaborative project between Direct-C, TrackWise and TWI, aiming to research, develop and validate novel technologies for hydrocarbon leakage detection.

WrapSense technology is based on a novel, highly sensitive nano-composite coating material capable of detecting even the slightest concentration of liquid hydrocarbons coming into direct contact with it, making it a highly effective technology for detecting leakages in oil and gas and aerospace applications.

Figure 1. Large Scale Testing
Figure 1. Large Scale Testing

The project results will be presented at the upcoming 16th Pipeline Technology Conference – PTC 2021, which migrated into a full online event due to current Covid pandemic constraints. The presentation is part of the Monitoring, Remote Sensing and Leak detection categories of the Operation and Maintenance section of the conference. It is scheduled to last 40 minutes with a 20-minute Q&A session at the end. In addition, a conference paper has been submitted which summarises the project’s results to date. The structure of the presentation and paper is as follows:

As a result, TWI will be presenting the results of the small-scale laboratory test carried out at the beginning of the project and the latest results from the ongoing environmental large-scale testing, highlighting TWI’s capabilities in environmental testing and as a third-party technology developer and validator. For detailed information on the small-scale and large-scale results, please use the links above.

Figure 2. Small Scale Testing
Figure 2. Small Scale Testing

You can find out more about the project by emailing Direct-C ( or contacting us, below.


The Wrapsense Project is funded under InnovateUK Project Number 105611

For more information please email: