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TWI Provides Brazing Manufacturing Support for Legacy Parts

Mon, 19 July, 2021

TWI recently completed a small-scale brazing project in support of an Industrial Member with the manufacture of a number of batches of legacy parts.

The Industrial Member had identified a loss of knowledge and capability, both internally within their business and through the supply chain, and approached us for support.

Following discussions and a review of the available documentation, we were able to develop separate brazer and brazing procedure approvals (to ISO 13585: 2012 and BS EN 13134:2000 respectively) to meet the part requirements.

Parts were supplied by the Industrial Member for brazing before being returned to the customer for final pressure test proof testing.

This process was turned around quickly, with TWI’s manufacturing support manager, Paul Brooker saying, “We are seeing an increasing need for this type of direct support for Industrial Members as knowledge gaps in industry are increasing. We are well placed to support this at TWI with our world-class facilities.”

You can find out more about our manufacturing support services here.

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