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Third Fracture Toughness Data Webinar Held

Mon, 25 January, 2021

TWI recently held the third webinar in a series about fracture toughness testing. The webinar, titled, 'Getting The Most from Fracture Toughness Data – Part 2: R-Curves and Ductile Alloys' took place on 14 January.

The webinar explained tearing resistance curves (‘R-curves’) for characterising ductile behaviour, and how to define the R-curve equation for optimising ECA assessments for high toughness alloys. It also investigated how R-curve data compares when using the unloading-compliance method, DCPD, or the normalisation method and what the blunting offset line is when fitting an R-Curve. There was a live demonstration using TWI’s CrackWISE software to compare ECA results when using single point fracture toughness data or an R-curve.

The webinar was conducted by TWI experts Philippa Moore and Matthew Haslett and was the third in a series. All of the webinars were well-attended, with 900 registrants and over 500 attendees on the first, followed by over 500 registrants and more than 300 attending the second and third webinars.  All three of the webinars garnered good responses, with at least 50 questions being submitted by the attendees.

This third webinar followed presentations on 'Fracture Toughness Testing Standards' (webinar one) and 'Getting the Most from Fracture Toughness Data – Part 1 the Master Curve and Brittle Steels' (webinar two).

You can see recordings of all three of the webinars below:

Toughness Testing Enquiries

In related news, we recently streamlined the process for our clients to apply for fracture toughness testing services with the release of a new enquiry form.

The new form allows you to input your testing requirements, including the type of test, the specimen to be tested and the standards that you wish to work to.

You can find out more about this here and see the new enquiry form here.

For more information please email: