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The Colours of Hydrogen and the Future of Power

Mon, 04 October, 2021

TWI has worked alongside the power generation industry for decades, helping to deliver new innovations and address the challenges of the industry. The associated environmental challenges have also become more pressing than ever, with many looking at new solutions for a greener future.

Among the solutions being developed is the use of hydrogen for applications including hydrogen powered remotely piloted aircraft, automobiles and wider power generation uses.

Hydrogen is colour-coded according to its source, as follows:


Categories of Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen: Hydrogen produced from renewable resources

Brown Hydrogen: Hydrogen produced from brown coal (Brown coal – lignite/low-rank coal, high ash and moisture content and less carbon)

Black Hydrogen: Hydrogen produced from black coal (Black coal – Anthracite, Bituminous and Subbituminous, has a higher carbon content than brown coal)

Grey Hydrogen: Hydrogen produced from natural gas or petroleum

Blue Hydrogen: Hydrogen produced from natural gas or petroleum (grey hydrogen) when combined by carbon capture and storage/sequestration CCS

Turquoise Hydrogen: Hydrogen produced from the pyrolysis of methane to high quality carbon and hydrogen

White Hydrogen: Hydrogen occurring from geological hydrogen, found in underground deposits, created through fracking

Yellow Hydrogen: Hydrogen produced through electrolysis using solar power

Pink/Red/Purple Hydrogen: Hydrogen generated through electrolysis powered by nuclear energy


However, there remain challenges relating to hydrogen storage and transportation that are to be fully addressed before it can be used as a widespread fuel solution.

TWI has been working as part of the Non-Metallic Innovation Centre (NIC) to investigate this as well as developing other solutions related to the use of non-metallic materials within the power generation and energy industries.

The NIC will be holding a webinar dedicated to hydrogen this November – with details to follow on the NIC LinkedIn and through their website.

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