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Developments in FSW Steel: Save the Date

Fri, 10 December, 2021

Following on from the interest generated by the development and assessment of consistent tools for the FSW of steel up to 6mm thick by Element Six and TWI, announced at our joint webinar in November 2020, we now invite you to save the date for an update on further developments.

Element Six has continued development of the tools and is now able to offer a thickness capability of up to 12mm in a single pass, and thus 25mm or almost an inch in a double pass weld. These tools have undergone assessment at TWI and have been demonstrated to perform under water as well as in the air.

Please join us on Tuesday 22 February 2022 to learn more about Element Six’s new tools, the properties of the welds they make, and future developments planned by Element Six.

Further details will be announced shortly.

For more information please email: