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Call to Join Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Project

Tue, 09 November, 2021

TWI is launching a new joint industry project to investigate sensor and coatings solutions for the management of corrosion under insulation (CUI).

CUI presents unique challenges including predicting where and when failures will occur. Severe CUI typically affects a small percentage of the system in more prone areas, but even a single failure in a highly critical area can have severe safety and associated financial consequences.

To confidently prevent failures, high coverage and high reliability inspection at conservative intervals is used. However, this is highly resource intensive due to the limited effective inspection options. This means that plants are forced to embark upon costly inspection campaigns, which are either planned or triggered by unexpected findings or failures.

CUI sensors have been offered as a solution to detecting and monitoring CUI, reducing or eliminating the need for intensive inspection routines. However, because these sensor solutions are relatively new, there is a lack of data to compare performance and use limitations. In addition to sensors, information and data on the use of well-established technologies like coating for protection for CUI often reside with the manufacturers, so end users are forced to rely on manufacturer guidance when selecting the best solution for their plant conditions. This is particularly true for novel and new coating systems, where little or no data is available outside of the manufacturers. 

An independent study would alleviate this problem by generating performance data for industry. This new joint industry project will address this knowledge gap to reduce the risk of selecting the most appropriate technologies to assist in managing CUI.

TWI proposes an investigation of sensor and coatings solutions for the management of CUI based on:

  1. An investigation and comparison of the performance of a range of CUI sensors using a CUI simulation test facility
  2. Focussed laboratory testing to improve understanding of coating performance limits
  3. The development of a database from information gained from the performance testing sensors and coatings, which can then be used for prediction modelling

We are now seeking interested parties to join this important project and you can find out more and register your interest by reading the PDF, below.

CUI Project Outline 15.11 - pdf - 246kb

For more information please email: