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Q&A with TWI’s New Partner, TEC-Eurolab

Wed, 16 December, 2020

TWI has entered into a partnership with TEC-Eurolab of Italy. Offering cutting-edge technologies and high profile expertise since 1990, TEC-Eurolab have worked with some of the most prestigious manufacturing companies in the world.

With experience in materials testing, non-destructive testing, R&D, certification, inspection and more, they work to get greater performance from materials in industries ranging from automotive and aerospace to oil and gas, manufacturing and beyond.

TWI took some time to speak with various staff from TEC-Eurolab and find out more about their work, their capabilities and why they have partnered with us.

Can you start by telling us a little more about TEC Eurolab?

  • Marco Moscatti: CEO

TEC Eurolab, founded in 1990 and based in Campogalliano, near Modena (Italy), has developed its core business following the evolution of materials, processes and related industrial applications for aerospace and defense, automotive and racing, energy, medical devices and general industry. In all of these fields, counting on 30 years of technical experience, world-class instrumentation, countless certifications and accreditations (including ISO 17025, 9100 and NADCAP), TEC Eurolab is a partner of excellence for testing, inspection and certification.

Our claim is ‘We Make You Feel Sure;’ we help our customers to be sure that their materials, products and special processes stand up to the designed performances. In our laboratories, we perform chemical and metallurgical analysis; machining and mechanical testing; non-destructive testing, from standard methods to 6 MeV LINAC computed tomography; metrology verification; reliability and functional testing. With these capabilities, we support our customers from product R&D to production quality control and failure analysis.

Our value proposition is then completed by our training academy and certification body. The mission of our academy is to transfer materials knowledge and testing know-how to our customers, while as a third-party Certification Body, recognised by the Italian Accreditation Body (ACCREDIA) in accordance with ISO/IEC 17024 and 17065, TEC Eurolab can certify personnel professional skills (including welding capability and NDT levels), special processes and quality systems management, ensuring compliance with the requirements of international norms and standards. 

You take pride in your people, could you tell us more about your staff and the capabilities they bring?

  • Marco Moscatti: CEO

Our staff are by far the company’s most important asset. We collaborate with the best Italian universities in order to reach the right candidates and to engage them in our mission, while, for the existing personnel, we invest in continuous learning, both for hard and for soft skills. Also, we are proud to score a very low staff turnover. Our corporate style, based on shared values and goals, facilitates problem-solving and long-term collaboration.

Our technical team is made up of more than 80 people; mechanical and materials engineers; IWEs, chemists and physics PhDs; technicians specialising in composite materials and additive manufacturing, among other processes. For example, for NDT, our staff is qualified to level 2 and level 3 in the different methods according to the requirements of ISO 9712 for general industry, NAS 410 / EN 4179 for aerospace and ANSF for railway maintenance.

You are experts in materials testing, why is this such an important area for industry?

  • Fabrizio Rosi: Head of Research, Development and Innovation

I believe that analysis and testing activities on materials, together with support activities for the development of robust and reliable production processes, are essential to guarantee the success of any company that intends to grow and remain competitive in the markets.

The concept of testing can be used on several fronts; quality assurance; continuous monitoring of the performance of production machinery; research of problems that have emerged and may determine failure compared to expected performance; development of new materials and technological solutions.

For our customers, achieving high quality standards can be a demanding challenge, but it is only when the quality achieved becomes a permanent standard in daily operations that the process becomes robust, reliable and the company becomes able to compete. High quality can also be achieved on an artisan level, but not on massive production.

TEC Eurolab operates in an industrial environment characterised by a productive area with some excellent companies; mostly small-medium enterprises that have made quality their flag, thanks to the TEC Eurolab partnership.

Often these companies, in fact, do not have sufficient resources to structure internally all the services that allow them to increase and consolidate the robustness and quality of their materials and processes. Partnering with TEC Eurolab means to receive, in a continuous and reliable way, the right support for the highest level of materials safety.

Finally, why did you decide to partner with TWI and what can you offer to our Members?

  • Michele Sale: Head of Machining and Mechanical Testing Department

I have known TWI for years. I worked with several TWI structures and experts on product and technology development. Based on over 10 years’ experience in different technology fields - starting from arc welding up to additive manufacturing and material characterisation and testing - I strongly pushed for this partnership as we, together, may cover an emerging need in the advanced manufacturing sector, for any field of application. TWI has a known history of leveraging their worldwide known experts, and TEC-Eurolab proposes a unique opportunity to Italian and international markets in terms of testing, consultancy on advanced technologies, and materials together with training, the certification path and material validation.

TEC-Eurolab, with three plants and roughly 80+ technicians and engineers appointed to perform services in material analysis and non-destructive testing, is a well-positioned company within the Italian market, with an increasing international path over the last three years. We work with all industrial manufacturing sectors, with a main focus on aerospace and racing. This is the right moment for a smart and flexible structure like us to join the knowledge based at TWI. We may reach and spread TWI technology solutions within medium sized companies or advise big international players in solving their needs quickly in all sectors.


You can find out more about TEC Eurolab by following this link.

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