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A New Collaboration with TEC Eurolab

Mon, 05 October, 2020

TWI has entered into a new collaboration with TEC Eurolab to expand into the Italian market. TEC Eurolab experienced staff work on projects with both an international and a local scope, providing high technical skills and technology solutions related to destructive and non-destructive testing, failure analysis and advanced materials such as composites for racing and aerospace applications and super alloys, including those commonly in use for additive manufacturing, for most demanding turbomachinery application.

The need to develop safer, high-performance products and components along with the challenge of innovation in manufacturing is more pressing than ever, and depends on the best use of new materials and processes.

TEC Eurolab and TWI are now working together to increase the confidence among Italian SMEs in these new products, ensuring the highest attainable levels of quality and safety. By leveraging mutual services and expertise, TWI and TEC Eurolab will create a direct advanced technology pipeline that can serve the Italian market.

The expertise held by TEC-Eurolab will be a tremendous asset for TWI’s global membership across industries ranging from aerospace and automotive to manufacturing, oil and gas and general industry applications.

About TEC-Eurolab

As an independent laboratory and test centre, TEC Eurolab offers complete confidence in every stage of production and across every link in the supply chain. TEC Eurolab is a reliable, internationally recognised partner capable of supporting decision-making, from design to final testing.

Based in Campogalliano, TEC-Eurolab pride themselves on their excellent customer service, delivering problem solving on time and with continuous follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction. With 100 personnel operating from a 5000+ square metre testing area, they have been in operation for 30 years.


TEC Eurolab testing centre includes the following capabilities:


  • 3D Tomographic Systems (6 MEV LINAC for high density alloys, 450 KV Large Size CT, 240 KV High Resolution CT)
  • 2D X-ray Nadcap Inspection Systems
  • FPI Nadcap Inspection
  • MT, PT, UT, RT, CT, VT for general industry


  • Chemical analysis via (ICP) – NADCAP Qualified) including gas analysis C-S-H-N-O
  • Physical properties (CTE; Density; Diffusivity; Specific heat capacity
  • Metallic Powders analysis under state-of-the-art ASTM standard and techniques
  • Polymers and Composites characterization using DMA; DSC; TGA


  • Automatic Metallographic Polishing System
  • Dedicated specimen cut-up area
  • Set of microscopes and hardness testers to cover Rockwell; Brinell; Vickers and Micro Vickers
  • Deep knowledge on heat treatment and relevant metallurgy
  • Set of Salt-Spray Chamber
  • Cyclic Corrosion test chamber
  • Climatic test Chamber
  • Ageing test chamber
  • Xenon test chamber


  • Completely independent capabilities
  • Automatic and semiautomatic Lathe
  • CNC workstation
  • EDM wire cutting
  • Set of Automatic SAW cutting
  • Transversal and circular grinding
  • Longitudinal polishing (custom machine)


  • Tensile testing through direct deformation control (NADCAP qualified) (100kN; 250kN; 600kN)
  • Climatic Chamber for 100kN testing machine
  • Hot Tensile testing up to 1200°C (100kN); Creep and Stress rupture testing (50kN) up to 1040°C
  • Vibrophores (100kN) for High Cycle Fatigue characterization
  • Servohydraulic systems (100kN and 500kN) for Fatigue and Fracture mechanics
  • XRF system for residual stress analysis
  • Complete set of fixtures for Polymers and Composites testing
  • Electromechanical dynamic actuators with climatic chambers for Polymers and Composite testing (15kN and 30kN)


  • Metrology and Dimensional verification
  • Welding and Joining Inspection and Quality Development
  • Functional and Environmental Test Engineering

Quality Accreditation

These activities are supported by the quality accreditation that TEC Eurolab has attained, including:

  • NADCAP: SAE aerospace standard AS7003 for material testing, non-destructive testing, aerospace quality systems
  • EN 9100:2018 for test laboratory for the aeronautical and aerospace industry - UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 (SAI GLOBAL)
  • UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 - material testing laboratory UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17024:2012 -UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012, certification of personnel and services (welding, ATP, NDT, F-Gas, ISO 3834) - (ACCREDIA)
  • ITANDTB: Aeronautical examination centre for non-destructive controls
  • NOTIFICATION BODY NB2770: as per regulation (EU) 305/2011 for FCP certification.

Personnel Qualifications

Analysis are performed by personnel qualified to the highest international standards:

  • ISO 9712 (general industry), 3rd Level | 2nd Level, methods: MT, PT, UT, RT, CT, VT
  • NAS 410/EN 4179 (aerospace), 3rd Level | 2nd Level, methods: MT, PT, RT Film & RT Non-Film (computed radiography/computed tomography)
  • Material engineers | Mechanical engineers
  • Chemists | Physicists | Metallurgists
  • Composites experts
  • Paints and coating experts
  • IWI - International Welding Inspectors
  • IWE - International Welding Engineers
  • IWT - International Welding Technologists

TEC Eurolab has worked with some of the biggest names in automotive industry, including top Italian motor racing marques, and has gained customer approval from aerospace companies including GE Aviation, Leonardo Spa, Avio Spa, The Boeing Company and Avio Aero.

TWI is proud to be working alongside TEC Eurolab to advance the offerings for our Industrial Members and we will bring you more information on this collaboration soon.

For more information please email: