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Metallography Training at TWI

Fri, 06 March, 2020

TWI is offering more metallography training in July and October this year.

Calling all the scientists, lab managers and engineers who wish to learn the underlying principles and theories of lab-based metallography, with a mixture of practical skills and theory taught by experts using industry-leading techniques, equipment and consumables.

The complete metallography three-day course offered at TWI in Cambridge will provide the candidates with the following:

  • Gain first-hand experience of the practical aspects of metallographic and fractographic specimen preparation: Nothing can replace real hands-on experience, which is exactly what is offered to candidates on this course
  • Gain understanding of the equipment and consumables requirements for lab metallography: Learning about the typical equipment used for lab metallography will help ensure the safe operation of your lab, while also maintaining a high level of quality
  • Understand the tools used to analyse specimens and microstructures, as well as producing effective recording and reports: Analysing specimens is just part of the process, as it is also important to correctly document any microstructures and other features so that others can assess the results

TWI has been providing metallography training successfully for years.

The course feedback has always been positive, with comments from a variety of industry candidates:

“Practical side of the course, very hands on. Great location and environment” - Lab Technician - Honeywell

“Very impressed with the methods of the sample preparations” - PhD Student - Open University

The lab practical training was great, with a good opportunity for hands on experience” - Materials Engineer - Weldpro

“Practical sessions were really profitable with possibility to try a wide range of materials” - Welding Engineer - Saipem

“Very impressed with the course material and content” - Corrosion Technical Support - Tupras

“Excellent course, very happy with all the course details” - Lecturer, Ulster University

“It is a pleasure to assist in helping to improve productivity and efficiency in labs through the Metallography training course. We are happy to pass on the knowledge and give the candidates the opportunity to progress in their job role. We value the importance of our candidates feedback throughout the course, so we can adapt the training content to the industry’s demands” - Metallography Course Lecturer, Ashley Spencer.


You can find out more about the metallography training here.

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