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Insight into Novel Additive Manufacturing Research at TWI

Wed, 17 June, 2020

There has been a considerable amount of research conducted in the field of additive manufacture, which is regarded as an important revolution in advanced manufacturing. However, the current processes are limited to processing single metals.

The next generation of additive manufacture will involve the integration of multiple materials, and this is being investigated by Marie-Salomé Duval-Chanéac in her PhD on multiple materials additive manufacturing (MMAM). This method of additive manufacture enables ‘designed materials,’ which significantly enhances the existing flexibility offered by traditional additive manufacture.

Marie-Salomé Duval-Chanéac, who is an National Stuctural Integrity Research Centre (NSIRC) student sponsored in her studies by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, is currently in the second year of her PhD studies with both TWI and University of Southampton (UoS).

The PhD will involve studying the relationship between microstructure, property and fatigue behaviour of components manufactured through MMAM. She is mentored by Dr Raja Khan (TWI), Dr Nong Gao (UoS) and Prof Philippa Reed (UoS).

Figure 1. Bi-layer IN718/316L MMAM bars
Figure 1. Bi-layer IN718/316L MMAM bars
Marie-Salomé Duval-Chanéac
Marie-Salomé Duval-Chanéac

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