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EHLA Technology Webinar Recording Available Now

Tue, 18 August, 2020

TWI recently held a webinar on Extreme High Speed Laser Application (EHLA) technology, and the recording of this event is now live for you to view online.

EHLA is a low heat input, high-speed variant of conventional laser cladding. Regular laser cladding can be used to apply high integrity coatings to surfaces, but can be a slow process for larger components. EHLA is able to apply a coating >10x faster, with a minimal heat input into the underlying substrate material. The EHLA process also retains a high material integrity with low porosity and defects along with very high levels of material efficiency – reducing both waste and cost.

TWI is the first UK-based facility to offer EHLA technology and applications for this include improved corrosion and wear protection as a commercially-viable alternative to thermal spraying and hard chrome plating. The technology also offers opportunities for large-scale repairs and additive manufacturing.

The webinar attracted attendees from different industries, including many leaders in their field. With around 600 registrants and 300 people joining the webinar live, we received around 70 questions from interested parties as a result of the webinar.

The event was suited to anyone interested in coating processes such as spraying, plating and deposition technologies as well as those employing laser cladding or related technologies in manufacture. EHLA also has applications for industries impacted by new environmental and health limitations on hard-facing or corrosion protection and was ideal for those interested in future innovations in advanced material deposition, repair and additive manufacture.

If you missed the live event, you can still view the EHLA webinar online by following this link.


Please note, there were issues with audio quality for the first ten minutes of the webinar recording.

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