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TWI passes wire arc Additive Manufacturing facility audit


Wed, 08 May, 2019

TWI has successfully passed an audit of our additive manufacturing (AM) facilities conducted by Lloyds Register, we are proud to be the first facility in the UK and Europe to do so. Once fully validated, the AM facility qualification means that TWI has proven the necessary controls and best practices are in place for our wire arc AM manufacturing process, providing our Members with confidence in our expertise and capabilities in this area.

The qualification, which was achieved in accordance with parameters overseen by Lloyd’s Register, included a full review of TWI’s systems, including a range of criteria such as personnel competence, health and safety, inspection, process control, build control and post processing, corrective and preventative actions, acceptance of deviations, control of non-conforming items, as well as material receipt, handling and storage.

This qualification provides proof of competence in our additive manufacturing processes and quality controls, thereby reducing any operational risk and rework.

As a result of this successful audit, the TWI facility will not need to be reassessed during certification of components.

You can find out more about additive manufacturing at TWI here.

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