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Global businesses take confidence from BeamAssure

Tue, 12 March, 2019

Building upon years of collaboration and expertise, TWI and Lloyd’s Register launched their joint venture, Fullagar Technologies, in 2018.

The business takes Lloyd’s Register’s position as one of the leading providers of professional services for engineering and technology and TWI’s status as a leading independent research and technology organisation to deliver innovative inspection systems, products and services to a global market.

This partnership has led to the further development of three distinct products; the AEHIC monitoring and inspection product; a magnetic field corrosion sensor product; and the BeamAssure electron beam quality assurance tool.

Already gaining attention across industry, Fullagar’s products have been sold to leading names around the world who are keen to take advantage of the developments they deliver.

BeamAssure has, for example, already been purchased by a German electron beam machine manufacturer, as well as by businesses in China and Eastern Europe.

Closer to home, Rolls-Royce use a number of BeamAssure systems to help verify the performance of their electron beam welding processes.

The BeamAssure system is unique in that it can provide real time measurement of electron beams when operating at full power, while also being less intrusive than competing products, providing confidence in the performance of your electron beam systems and the integrity of your products.

BeamAssure is compatible with almost every configuration of electron beam chamber and is developed and fully supported by TWI – from installation to training and warranty.

Already having been in continuous use in serial aero engine production since 2011, BeamAssure has been extensively tried and tested in the field.

TWI’s Electron Beam Section Manager, Mike Nunn said, “I am pleased that BeamAssure is making it possible to consistently assess and categorise electron beams, providing confidence in the process for the future.”

You can find out more and get the latest updates from Fullagar Technologies at and find out more about BeamAssure here. 


About Fullagar Technologies:

Fullagar Technologies, a joint venture between TWI and Lloyd’s Register, is named after the first fully welded ocean-going ship in the world, which successfully demonstrated the deployment of new technology in a traditional industry. Classed by Lloyd’s Register, the Fullagar was built at Cammell Laird shipyard, Birkenhead, in 1920.

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