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Fullagar Ltd release BeamAssure QA product

BeamAssure is a new QA product from Fullagar Ltd that independently measures and quantifies electron beams to aid manufacturing, research or maintenance planning. The measurement and calibration of electron beams is challenging, but with BeamAssure the process is made simple as the system captures data and reveals where improvements can be made in real time, providing assurance of your beam’s consistency and confidence in the integrity of your product.

BeamAssure is compatible with almost every configuration of electron beam chamber, providing an unprecedented level of quality assurance for electron beam processing. Having been in use for serial aero engine production since 2011, the BeamAssure system has been tried and tested in production and research projects on three continents.

A quick traffic-light system makes this decision-making tool easy to use. Combining hardware and software, BeamAssure can determine beam focus settings irrespective of operator perception as it accumulates long-term process QA data. Unobtrusive to welding, the system can quantify and qualify the consistency of low and high power electron beams, analysing and optimising beam parameters as it detects and eliminates set-up errors. By measuring factors including current, asymmetry, profile, focus and beam diameter this system can also monitor wear and foresee failure.

BeamAssure can be used as a portable system or integrated into a welding machine chamber and CNC/PLC, and is capable of analysing beams at powers in excess of 40kW. With real time results and exportable data, this system can be programmed for incorporation into an automated production cycle or used manually as required.

The system doesn’t need thermal management of active cooling and includes variants for welding, additive manufacturing and processing. BeamAssure is fully supported by TWI – from installation and training through to warranty.

BeamAssure is just one of the products being brought to market by Fullagar Ltd, a joint venture between TWI and Lloyds Register which was launched in 2018. The other products include AEHIC and a Corrosion Sensor system.


You can see more about BeamAssure, including some of the names who are already using the technology, here.