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Code Compliance for Additively Manufactured Materials

Wed, 12 June, 2019

Additively manufactured technologies offer a means of significantly reducing lead-times and costs by enabling repair and production of near-net-shape components. Despite the significance and usefulness of these processes in terms of rapid production of complex geometries, there are currently no codes and standards providing guidance for the assessment of AM materials and their performance in the oil and gas industry.

The aim of the project is to unlock the potential of AM for reducing costs associated with production, repair and replacement of parts. Specifically, the project will generate material property data and understanding of 316L stainless steel deposited by three leading AM processes; selective laser melting (SLM), wire plus arc AM (WAAM) and laser metal deposition (LMD). This data will be used to fast track the acceptance of AM materials by oil and gas standards bodies.

The project has been focused on 316L stainless steel, and running for over a year with seven industrial sponsors including key oil and gas industry players. The project momentum has continued to grow since launch, with three additional sponsors joining the project in the last 12 months, and the creation of the first API standard task group on additively manufactured materials.

Path to Acceptance

Phase one of the project has been completed. Lloyds Register have completed assessment of the standards selected by the initial members of the sponsor group. They have also defined test plans for powder consumables and the mechanical and metallurgical testing of the components produced. TWI have undertaken numerical modelling of the SLM and WAAM processes to facilitate the design of a test piece, from which test specimens will be extracted.

Property Determination

A 316L stainless steel test programme has been specifically designed to produce data relevant for oil and gas industry standards, including API 6A CRA, API 20A, ASME B31.3, API 610 and PD5500. Assessment includes metallurgical characterisation and determination of mechanical, corrosion and fracture toughness properties.

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