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Chris Punshon Receives Welding Institute Fellow Membership

Thu, 31 October, 2019

Power Industry Sector Manager, Chris Punshon recently became a Fellow of The Welding Institute.

As the leading professional engineering institution for the registration of people involved with welding and joining around the world, The Welding Institute’s role is to support welding and joining personnel, promote the profession and secure its place in the future.

Fellow Membership is reserved for those professionals with substantial experience in welding, joining, or a related technology and is usually only available to established engineers who have an established and enhanced reputation in the field as well as having made significant personal contributions to enhance the community of welding, joining or allied technologies. Fellow Members also need to hold registration with Engineering Council as Chartered Engineer, or have an international equivalent, as well as having held a position of important technical or scientific responsibility for over ten years, and been a Member of the Institute for at least five years.

In order to achieve this honour, applicants need to have references from two Fellows of the Institute (or referees of equal standing), while the Membership Committee reserves the right to request further references in support of an application. The fellowship is conferred following a Professional Review Interview conducted by two Fellows of the Institute.

Chris Punshon joined TWI in 1983, working as a project leader after graduating with an honours degree in Metallurgy BMet from Sheffield University. During his time working at TWI, Chris has conducted a significant number of research programmes related to joining within the power, oil and gas, and marine industries, examining the relationships between materials, properties and performance of a wide range of materials in different environments.

Chris has been responsible for developing advanced joining process technologies for pipelines and pressure plant, seeing projects delivered from R&D through to commercialisation, code approval and industrial exploitation. He has also helped lead TWI’s business strategy with regard to our work in nuclear fusion and fission and renewable energy including offshore wind, solar PV, hydro, tidal stream and geothermal energy.

Chris said that he was honoured to be recognised by The Welding Institute, and we would like to extend our congratulations to him for his Fellowship.

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