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3 Good Reasons to Take TWI’s Metallography Training


Thu, 17 October, 2019

TWI’s Metallography Insight and Field Metallography training courses are ideal for technicians, lab managers and engineers who wish to learn the underlying principles and theories of lab-based metallography, with a mixture of practical skills and theory taught by experts using industry-leading techniques, equipment and consumables.

Here are three key reasons why you should apply for our next Metallography training course:

  1. Gain first-hand experience of the practical aspects of metallographic and fractographic specimen preparation: Nothing can replace real hands-on experience, which is exactly what is offered to candidates on this course
  2. Gain understanding of the equipment and consumables requirements for lab metallography: Learning about the typical equipment used for lab metallography will help ensure the safe operation of your lab, while also maintaining a high level of quality
  3. Understand the tools used to analyse specimens and microstructures as well as producing effective recording and reports: Analysing specimens is just part of the process, as it is also important to correctly document any microstructures and other features so that others can assess the results

TWI’s most recent Metallography Insight course took place in early October 2019 and received positive feedback from the attendees, with one making note of the “helpful and knowledgeable staff.”

Another attendee said that they found the course to contain “very useful information” as well as being “well delivered.”

Speaking on the training, course lecturer, Ashley Spencer said, “It is a pleasure to assist in helping to improve productivity and efficiency in labs through the Metallography Insight training course”

You can find out more about the Metallography training, as well as see when our next courses are available here.

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