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BP – Looking to the future of energy

Roberto Morana, Senior Materials and Welding Engineer from BP Upstream Technology looks to the technologies of the future.


TWI has worked with BP for decades, assisting and offering expertise in everything from research and development to troubleshooting, materials qualification and failure mitigation. TWI’s knowledge has been influential in the development of practices, such as through the study of hydrogen induced stress cracking in a subsea environment under cathodic protection.


As an Industrial Member, BP also makes use of TWI’s influence and knowledge of international standards, helping to ensure that safe practices, with the correct degree of conservatism, are utilised across its processes and procedures.

Of course, much of TWI’s experience is used on specific projects but, as a member of the TWI Research Board, BP also helps to guide the direction of more general core research – for example, investigating fatigue resistance of high-grade mooring chain links.

Additive Manufacture is one of the future technologies being investigated by BP
Oil and gas has been the mainstay of BP's work for decades
BP are now looking into low carbon energy

As well as assessing matters such as corrosion and cracking, BP looks to TWI for help with efficiency improvements and project development. This includes an interest in emerging technologies such as additive manufacturing, with TWI’s experience affording information to BP so that they can make informed decisions on utilising the technology.


Looking forward, as BP continues to pursue lower carbon opportunities, TWI can provide expertise to help BP and the wider industry advance the energy transition.

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"TWI is a great partner for developing new technologies, new practices, and to be connected with the most important stakeholders around the world for our business" - Roberto Morana, BP

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