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High temperature material selection for power industries

Through the combination of specialist experts in high temperature corrosion, creep resistance and coating, the Materials, Corrosion and Surfacing Technological Group at TWI has the facilities and the knowledge to address the problems of environmental degradation in aggressive environment at high temperature and improve significantly life expectation.

Material for high temperature application has be to carefully selected and should combined good mechanical properties, creep resistance and corrosion resistance. In the present study, the degradation mechanism of a 9%Cr steel in biomass environment was examined together with various coating systems designed to improve the performance and life expectation of the material.

SEM micrograph showing the corroded layer of test specimens made from 9%Cr steel.
SEM micrograph showing the corroded layer of test specimens made from 9%Cr steel.

Laboratory testing was carried out to better understand the corrosion mechanism. Based on these results, protective coating systems were design and tested using accelerated corrosion tests. The samples were covered with a mixture of chloride and sulphate containing salts and expose to a simulated biomass environment at 550°C for 1000 hours.

Uncoated test specimen exhibited a thick corrosion layer, while no significant degradation was found on the coated test specimen.

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