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Dynamic gastric models built for the Institute of Food Research

TWI has built two Dynamic Gastric Models (DGMs) for the Institute of Food Research in Norwich.

These in-vitro gastric models are capable of simulating the human digestion process, and fulfil a long-required market need for a simulation that provides:

  • An accurate method for predicting the fate of food or drugs during digestion
  • Digestion studies at a fraction of the time, complexity and cost of human or animal intervention studies
  • A physiologically relevant alternative to animal studies
  • A pre-screen tool prior to clinical studies.

TWI’s involvement in dynamic gastric modelling began with the initial design, incremental build and quality testing of the sub-systems and the assembly of the completed prototype. It has also developed the software control systems needed to drive such a complex model, and continues to provide maintenance consultancy, allowing the Institute of Food Research team to concentrate on generating commercial contracts.

For further information, or to find out more about our prototyping capabilities please email