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Training on asset management at decommissioning sites

The nuclear decommissioning company Magnox Limited asked TWI to develop a training course on asset management and to deliver it to System Engineers at its various sites. The course was based on HSE Research Report RR912 ‘Management of Ageing: A framework for nuclear chemical facilities’ of which TWI had been the principal author. The report applies specifically to the nuclear industry and describes the System Engineering approach for managing ageing of nuclear chemical facilities. By proactively managing the ageing of assets entering stage 3 of the bathtub curve (Figure 1), inspection and maintenance can be made more effective and cost efficient so that unexpected failures and costly remedial work can be avoided.


  • To develop a training course, in collaboration with the Magnox central asset management team, to provide Magnox System Engineers with a common approach to asset and ageing management.
  • To deliver the training course to Magnox System Engineers and managers in four UK locations.
  • To provide the feedback obtained from attendees to the Magnox central asset management team so that they can make further improvements to the System Engineering approach.

Work programme

Development of the course

TWI’s John Wintle and Carol Johnston first drafted a course outline that was based on the central themes of RR912.  Through phone calls and meetings with the central asset management team at Magnox, the course topics were developed and tailored so that they best suited Magnox’s requirements.

The final course comprised seven sessions, as shown in Figure 2.  The course finished with a quiz, which acted as revision for attendees on the topics covered.

Figure 1 The bathtub curve, which illustrates asset ageing and when proactive ageing management can be most beneficial
Figure 1 The bathtub curve, which illustrates asset ageing and when proactive ageing management can be most beneficial

Delivery of the course

The course was delivered to over 50 System Engineers at four different venues around the UK in a one day format.  It was interactive and attendees provided input on their current experiences of the System Engineer role.  The course tutors collated and passed this feedback back to the central asset management team at Magnox for the long term development of the System Engineer role at Magnox.

Project outcome

A training course was developed for a TWI member company, Magnox Limited.  It was based on TWI’s expertise but tailored specifically to suit Magnox’s requirements.  The course was delivered by TWI at venues chosen to suit the Magnox attendees.  Feedback from the course was very positive.

The generic material developed for the course can be used for asset management training to personnel in other companies both within and outside the nuclear sector.  The training would be customised to meet the specific needs of each client.

Contact us

For more information on our tailored training courses, please contact TWI on 01223 899000 or email

Figure 2 The seven sessions in the course
Figure 2 The seven sessions in the course
Avatar Carol Johnston Principal Project Leader – Fatigue Integrity Management

Carol joined TWI in 2009 as a project leader in the Fatigue Integrity Management section, where she now works as a principal project leader. She manages a range of projects related to the fatigue strength and structural integrity of welded joints. Her main area of work is on validation fatigue testing of welds and subsea connectors for the oil and gas industry using the resonance fatigue testing technique. Before joining TWI, Carol obtained an undergraduate degree in natural sciences, followed by a PhD in the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy at the University of Cambridge

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