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Dyson Exclusive Webinar

Webinars 09 February 2021

Dyson Exclusive Webinar: Laser Welding of Polymers

This interactive webinar will be presented by Dr Andy J Wilson, a laser processing specialist and senior project leader responsible for both the ‘laser surface engineering’ and ‘laser processing of polymers’ technology themes within TWI.

The webinar will initially cover the advantages and disadvantages of employing laser processing in industrial applications, before moving onto different types of laser welding (direct, transmission), the use of laser absorbing additives for transparent materials, ending with some recent developments at TWI for in-process temperature monitoring.

The webinar will be interactive, with questions and comments welcome throughout.

Meet the team

Andy J Wilson - Project Leader, Laser and Sheet Processes

Andy J Wilson

Project Leader, Laser and Sheet Processes

Dr Andy J Wilson is a laser processing engineer and materials scientist with more than 6 years of experience in laser processing, typically with pulsed laser systems for surface modification and ablation of materials. He has worked on a range of projects covering industry sectors including automotive, aerospace, medical and consumer goods.

Holder of a BEng (hons) in Automotive Materials and an Engineering Doctorate (EngD) in Micro and Nano Materials and Technologies, Andy has extensive experience in laser processing and materials characterisation, specialising in feasibility studies and proof-of-concept activities.

Chris Otter - Sector Manager, Industrial Membership Services

Chris Otter

Sector Manager, Industrial Membership Services

Chris is an experienced manufacturing engineer in a variety of material joining processes relevant to multiple industry sectors.

With a sound knowledge of facilities and expertise at TWI, his role includes management of TWI industrial membership interactions and assisting industry to access TWI’s unique range of member services to benefit their business.

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