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Engineering Apprenticeships

Engineering offers a great career with a wealth of opportunities. Engineering disciplines include civil engineering, aeronautical engineering, mechanical engineering, and more as engineers are responsible for much of what we see around us in the modern world. Finding real-world solutions through the application of science and mathematics, engineers are involved in everything from research and design to production and testing of everything from large construction projects to the mobile phone in your pocket.

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Engineers need good communication skills, need to be creative in finding solutions, and able to collaborate with others in the engineering industry. In reward for their skills and effort, engineers enjoy higher than average wages, the chance to travel with their work, and an interesting and rewarding career that makes a genuine difference to the world around us.

A full time apprenticeship offers a good entry into an engineering career, allowing engineering apprentices to gain real work experience as they split their time between the workplace and part time at college or university. This not only provides genuine real-world engineering experience and makes you more employable, but also offers an insight into what it is like working in this career. This is not to mention the fact that instead of paying tuition fees, you are actually earning money as you learn. Plus, apprentice are entitled to paid holidays just like a regular full-time employee.

You can find apprenticeships at different entry levels, whether aimed at school leavers. or more advanced apprenticeships in engineering such as a higher level degree apprenticeships, which can lead to a degree level qualification or engineer degree. Intermediate and advanced apprenticeships (Levels 2 and 3) are aimed at school leavers over 16 who are not in full time education while higher and degree apprenticeships (Levels 4,5,6 and 7) are for those with A-Levels or for people who have already completed an intermediate of advanced apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships typically involve working a minimum of 30 hours per week, with time split between gaining practical skills in the workplace and attending classes at college or university to attain a qualification.

Whichever level of apprenticeship you choose, they all allow you to earn while you learn real-world skills from experienced experts.

Engineering Apprenticeships at TWI

Engineering apprenticeship vacancies tend to depend on the company you are working for. So, for example, an aerospace company will offer aircraft engineering apprenticeships, a power generation company may offer electrical engineering apprenticeships, and a manufacturing operation may offer a mechanical engineering apprenticeship.

However, at TWI, our multi skilled engineering apprenticeships are not split by industry, as we work to help our Industrial Members from a range of different industries. This suits those that may want a range of experience while learning and using key engineering skills. Whether investigating failures, performing non-destructive testing or helping with design, engineer apprenticeships with TWI will provide plenty of challenges to keep you learning, but also the guidance and support of our world-renowned expertise.

We offer apprenticeships in a range of disciplines at different levels across the year. You can follow this link to see the latest apprenticeship vacancies at TWI.  

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