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Ceramic Anti-Spatter Spray - Acheson Industries

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CeramishieldT has been specifically designed to protect welding consumables, equipment and fixtures and fittings from spatter problems over long periods of time. The product is supplied in aerosol form and is simple to apply.

TWI has carried out robotic welding trials to establish the coating life when applied to torch components and fixtures. Tests showed that spatter build up in the torch was substantially reduced, compared with an uncoated nozzle. After more than four hours of welding, the coating continues to repel spatter without reapplication. Any spatter remaining in the nozzle could be easily removed and the coating was found to be substantially intact. The coated nozzle lasted more than twice as long as an uncoated nozzle before weld quality was adversely affected by spatter build-up.

The trials also showed the benefits of protecting jigs and fixtures with CeramishieldT. Spatter did not adhere to a coated fixture and after two days welding, the remaining spatter could be swept away with a light brush. This should eradicate problems of spatter interfering with part location in jigs and minimise the labour-intensive procedures of removing the spatter at the end of a shift.


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