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Metrode logoThe Stainless Steel Pipe Welding Electrode 'From Root to Cap'

Metrode electrode photoThe new stainless steel pipe welding electrode from Metrode provides a single process solution to pipe welding. The electrode has the arc characteristics and weld pool necessary to deposit single side root runs, without using purging gas. The same electrode can then be used to fill and cap the joint. The use of an MMA electrode for depositing root runs has significant advantages, particularly for site welding or any other joint which would be difficult or expensive to purge.The electrodes offer a carefully controlled rutile flux system which provides easy arc control and excellent welder appeal. Root welding without gas purge All-positional pipe welding electrode (inc.ASME 5G/6G). Also suitable for vertical down welding. Excellent operability and welder appeal.

Member: Metrode

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