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Suspended Manual Riveting Tool - Swivelling Type

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Henrob Ltd logoThe flexibility for manual riveting of components at a range of tool angles is enhanced by Henrob's suspended manual riveting tool - swivelling type. This is a hydraulically actuated tool which is balanced with the hydraulic supply ported through rotating couplings which allow 270 degrees of rotation of the riveting tool about a horizontal axis - simple changing of mode from riveting downwards to riveting upwards plus any orientation in between. Henrob rotating hangerThis overcomes the packaging and ergonomic problems of the prior method which is the use of flexible hoses attached to the cylinder ports. The arrangement shown also features rotation and movement in other directions due to the hanger design. The rivet supply is provided by Henrob's patented rivet cassette which provides rivet feed in any orientation. The added flexibility makes this solution attractive for customers needing a single riveting tool that can access and rivet a diverse range of products with good ergonomics and productivity.


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