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Stork Cooperheat Advantage 3

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Stork Cooperheat continue innovation

Stork Cooperheat has a long history of innovation within the field of localised heat treatment equipment. This commitment continues with the launch of our latest temperature programmer/controller the 'Advantage 3'.

Stork Cooperheat Advantage 3Our 'Advantage 3' programmer/controllers provide the user with greater versatility, flexibility and cost savings. These benefits are achieved by, utilising the Advantage 3's unique, linkable communications. When used either individually or combined in a number of user selectable configurations, the Advantage 3 allows the user to control heat treatments on up to six, twelve, eighteen or twenty-four separate welds/heat treatment specifications with multiple control zones, at the same time.

For more information on the 'Advantage 3' visit our web site or contact your nearest Stork Cooperheat location or representative.

Member: Stork Technical Services (RBG) Ltd, Southport, UK

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