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Soldamatic IE - Augmented Reality Welding Training Solution

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Soldamatic LogoSoldamatic IE revolutionizes the way welders are trained with comprehensive and practical training underpinned by Augmented Reality technology.

Soldamatic IE includes the welding simulator with a flexible software subscription system adapted to industrial and education needs and an e-Learning platform with theoretical and practical welding content available anytime and anywhere.

  • Soldamatic IE Education - the most basic welding positions for students starting out in the world of welding.
  • Soldamatic IE Advanced - greater complexity with different thicknesses, sequences, and positions.
  • Soldamatic IE Industry – for industrial companies to reduce retraining costs using their own welding curricula. 

Soldamatic IE helps customers saving 68% of the costs associated with welding training and increasing 34% the qualified welding students.

(Source: Welding Training Studio: traditional learning VS Soldamatic)

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