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Lincoln Electric Europe S.l. logoMIG/MAG and Flux-Cored Welding Machines

The design of the Powertec 200, 250 and 300C was driven by the need to provide our customers with a range of machines offering a variety of welding outputs. The Powertec range begins with the 200C, which is the ideal machine for the welding of thin sheet metal applications. The Powertec 250C is a more powerful version, still offering the facilities to weld thin material but also the extra power required for light construction work. The Powertec 300C (2 or 4 rolls) has been built as the true multi-purpose model.

PowertecThe Powertec Pro welding machines are superior welders in all respects. Each of these machines produces an excellent arc and very low spatter levels with both Argon mix and 100% CO2 shielding gas. The list of features on all Powertec Pro¿s includes 2/4-step run-in, wire inch and gas purge, two clear digital meters. With synergic control adjusting the wire feed speed automatically; the welder can simply select the welding voltage and go. All machines are provided with a powerful, rugged four-roll drive system. Each machine has a low cylinder platform incorporated in the design to supporting easy loading and unloading of a gas cylinder. For convenience an internally protected toolbox for parts and tool storage was also built in to the machines.

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