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Polysoude Mobile Power Source P6

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Polysoude logoMobile Power Source P6

The market launch of the 300 ampere mobile TIG welding system P6 (fig. 1), for tube assembly using automated orbital welding, opens up new production possibilities for plant construction – technologically, economically and qualitatively. This is made possible by intuitive operation combined with the modular system concept – features only familiar in the successful smaller P4 sister version until now. A large touch screen provides the human-machine interface (HMI). All interactions with the system take place via this interface. It issues all commands to the internal electronics via the software and transmits the status of the joining process to the operator.

General Characteristics:

  • Program control by time or angular degrees calibrated in mm/min or inch/minPOLYSOUDE product
  • Comprehensive real-time welding data acquisition
  • Error-diagnostic system
  • Automatic welding head recognition
  • Built-in printer for welding procedure archiving and documentation
  • Ethernet compatible
  • Closed loop regulation of torch rotation and wire speed
  • Built-in Arc Voltage Control (AVC) and Torch Oscillation Control (OSC)
  • Torch gas control with safety valve and flow detection
  • Built-in closed loop water cooling system with safety valve for welding head and torch.

Technical Specification: Welding method : TIG – DC with or without Filler Wire

Input power : Three phase 400 V / 415 V +/ 10% - 50 / 60 Hz
(incl. multi voltage kit option from 200 V to 480 V)

Duty cycle : 300 A / 35% - 265 A / 60% - 240 A / 100% 


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