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Model 205 Tube Welding Power Supply

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Arc Machines UK LtdNew Portable Fusion Welding System

Arc Machines is proud to introduce the new Model 205 Orbital (GTAW) Power Supply. It is the latest advancement of orbital tube welding incorporating the best features of our popular Models 207A and 307. The Model 205 is rugged, light-weight, easy-to-use, versatile and feature rich.

Arc Machines

Whether you are joining ¼" SS tube for a semiconductor plant, ¾" Titanium aircraft fuel lines, 1 ½" electro-polished tube for pharmaceutical applications or a 2" schedule 40 carbon steel pipe steam line, or just want to tack weld two components together, the model 205 performs reliably and with repeatability.

Key Features Include:

  • Full size colour touch screen
  • Light weight (23 kg)
  • Automatic schedule generation using patented S3 technology
  • Compatible with all AMI fusion weld heads
  • Built in printer
  • Multi-language ready

Member: Arc Machines UK Ltd

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