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Hermiga - Ultraspin - Inroquench

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Phoenix Scientific Industries logoAtomisers - Meltspinners - Wirecasters

PSI Vacuum or Inert Gas Atomisers, Deposition Systems and Rapid-Solidification Technologies

PSI HERMIGA Atomisers now include:

  • Atomisers for R&D to production quantities from 3kg to tonnes.
  • Batch and Continuous operation
  • Cold crucible-based clean (ceramic free) melting of reactive metals prior to atomisation.
  • Superheated Gas provides lower median size (<10¿m) powders.
  • Co-atomisation for reactive or immiscible binary metal systems.
  • Accessories: glovebox/inert gas classifier, oxygen monitoring, touch screen process control interface, sprayforming and casting options plus cryogenic cooling.

PSI's range equipment extends to:

  • Melt spinners for amorphous and microcrystalline ribbonsPhoenix Scientific Industries
  • Wirecasters for 100-150¿m amorphous and microcrystalline wires
  • Electron Beam and Physical Vapour Deposition systems
  • Chemical Vapour Deposition & Infiltration systems
  • Special atmosphere & vacuum furnaces
  • Nanomaterial generators
  • UHV
  • Thermal & cold spray

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