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Wallwork Heat Treatment Ltd

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wallwork heat treatment logoLord st, Bury

Company Profile

Wallwork Heat Treatment Ltd operate a high quality, comprehensive heat treatment, Vacuum brazing and hard coating service for  manufactures from Aerospace, Autosport, pharma and medical to one off job shop engineering via all major processes such as Vacuum, Sealed quench, plasma & gas nitride, PVD/PECVD and salt processes from our treatment centres in Manchester, Birmingham, Cambridge and Newcastle, this is backed up with a comprehensive mechanical and material analysis lab, OEM & prime quality approvals and a  fleet of over 50 vehicles covering most of the UK to provide the high service levels required by our customers.


  • Services: Analysis - Metallurgical
  • Services: On-site Services - Heat Treatment
  • Services: Testing - Mechanical
  • Services: Testing - Non-destructive


wallwork vacuum brazing

Vacuum Brazing

Vacuum Brazing is a joining process which can offer significant advantages in terms of cleanliness, joint strength and integrity. The process is performed under vacuum with excellent temperature uniformity. This means that components can be treated using controlled heating and cooling which in turn reduces residual stress in the component. This controllability allows additional heat treatment processes to take place at the same time, which offers a unique, cost effective dual process that will reduce overall costs per component.

wallwork vacuum brazing 2Advantages

  • Joint strength
  • Maintains base material properties
  • Cost effectiveness (per part)
  • Dissimilar materials joined
  • Clean (no flux residue)
  • Void free and leak proof
  • Multiple joint processing
  • Improved quality
  • Multiple processing

With continued invest the process is offered across multiply sites complimented with a comprehensive quality approval portfolio.

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