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ESAB (North America)

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ESAB Welding and Cutting logo411 S. Ebenezer Rd.
Florence, SC 29501

Company Profile

If there's metal involved, ESAB has a solution. Over 100 years of research, development and manufacture have made ESAB a global leader in welding, cutting and automation.

ESAB has a full line of consumables for low alloys, mild steels, stainless steels and aluminum. Our arc equipment has you covered for MIG, TIG, stick, and multi-process for small shops and large fabricators alike.

ESAB's leading position in process and technology development provides our customers full access to an unrivaled resource of technical and applications knowledge, service and support - and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.



  • Consumables: Arc welding - Flux Cored
  • Consumables: Arc Welding - MMA Electrodes
  • Equipment: Arc Welding - MIG/MAG, GMAW
  • Equipment: Arc Welding - MMAW, SMAW
  • Equipment: Arc Welding - SAW
  • Equipment: Arc Welding - TIG, GTAW
  • Equipment: Cutting - Laser
  • Equipment: Cutting - Oxy-fuel Gas
  • Equipment: Cutting - Plasma
  • Equipment: Cutting - Waterjet

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