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AlcoTec Wire Corporation

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AlcoTec Wire Corporation

2750 Aero Park Drive
Traverse City, MI 49686-9263

Company Profile

Founded in 1984, AlcoTec is focused on the production of premium quality aluminum products for the welding, brazing and metallizing industries.

AlcoTec utilizes specialized technology to manufacture all registered filler alloys for welding and brazing in popular sizes and convenient packages. We supply premium quality aluminum welding and brazing wire to industrial markets around the globe.

AlcoTec is a customer oriented and responsive company, run by dedicated employees with an intense focus on the manufacture of aluminum welding wire and the processes.

AlcoTec is a subsidiary of The ESAB Group, Inc.


  • Consumables: Arc Welding - Wires
  • Consumables: Brazing - Wires
  • Equipment: Arc Welding - MIG/MAG, GMAW
  • Equipment: Arc Welding - TIG, GTAW

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