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Strategic Programmes

TWI operates a series of strategic programmes to help meet the needs of industry as a whole. These programmes involve collaborations with various organisations, educational establishments and businesses, and often secure funding from the government and other bodies.

These strategic programmes include the work of the National Structural Integrity Research Centre (NSIRC), who not only work to offer fundamental research but also provide industry-relevant training and experience for the next generation of engineering experts.

Meanwhile, the TWI Innovation Network seeks to develop structural integrity resources such as facilities, people and skills to enable engineering advances as well as training and up-skilling of staff. The Innovation Network was originally created alongside BP and the Lloyd’s Register Foundation and now works with a number of partners, funded by InnovateUK and the European Commission.

NSIRC and the TWI Innovation Network fall under the umbrella of the Structural Integrity Research Foundation, which takes industry funding to create partnerships to address the commercial needs of different industry sectors.

TWI also supports the needs of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies (SMEs) in order to help boost competitiveness and stimulate market growth. The operations are conducted at all of our sites across the UK.

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