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Software Toolkits

TWI's software toolkits offer online and downloadable software for decision support.

Cutting Selector Toolkit 

Interactive, online knowledge base system. Integrated functions, cost spreadsheets, process suitability, technical information about cutting processes. Designed for use by non-specialist engineers during process selection and product design stages.

Damage mechanisms and non-destructive test methods Toolkit 

This knowledge base provides engineering personnel with comprehensive information, helping them to identify specific damage mechanisms common to a variety of industries and select the most appropriate Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods for inspection.

Ferrite Prediction Toolkit 

This toolkit allows the user to determine the amount of ferrite likely to be present in a stainless steel weld metal after arc welding. It can be applied to most common grades of austenitic and duplex stainless steels. The ferritecontent of dissimilar steel weld metals can also be assessed.

Minimal Welding Gas Selector 

Interactive software for arc welding gas selection (Air Products gases only). Provides rapid online access to technical information.

Plastics Welding Toolkit 

Interactive software providing rapid online access to technical information on plastics welding.

Plastic Pipe Toolkit 

Details are given of three of the commercially available welding techniques for joining thermoplastic pipes: butt fusion welding, electrofusion welding and socket fusion welding. Covers costs, equipment suppliers, materials, processparameters and weld defects.

Preheat Toolkit 

Uses the methodology outlined in BS EN 1011-2 (March 2001) to determine the required preheat temperature for welding C-Mn and low alloy steels to avoid fabrication hydrogren cracking. The toolkit is also designed to determine therequired welding parameters.

Resistance welding trouble shooting guide 

Provides comprehensive information for the solution of resistance welding problems. Primarily aimed at spot welding of uncoated and coated steels but may be generally applied to other materials and to projection welding.

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