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What is the Eco Design of Energy using Products (EuP) Directive?


Frequently Asked Questions

The Directive, applicable in all EU Member States, aims to:

  • create an integrated framework for the setting of requirements concerning the design of energy-using equipment so as to ensure the free movement of these products within the EU internal market and to improve their overall impact on the environment;
  • provide an efficient use of resources and a high level of environmental protection compatible with sustainable development.

Choice of specific design solutions must achieve a reasonable balance between the various environmental aspects and considerations such as health & safety, technical functionality, quality and performance, and economic aspects, while complying with all relevant legislation.

The Directive affects manufacturers of energy-using products; these are defined as equipment that is dependent on energy input (electricity, fossil fuels and renewable energy sources) to work as intended or a product for the generation, transfer and measurement of such energy. EuP does not apply to modes of transport.

The product must:

  • have a sales volume of more than 200,000 units a year within the EU;
  • have a significant environmental impact within the EU;
  • present significant potential for reduction in environmental impact without entailing excessive costs;
  • have a wide disparity in the environmental performance of EuPs available on the market with equivalent functionality.

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Further information

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