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What is Riveting and How Does it Work?


Riveting is ...

This article is one of a series of TWI frequently asked questions (FAQs).

What is a Rivet?

A rivet is a mechanical fastener composed of a head on one end and a cylindrical stem on another (called the tail) which has the appearance of a metal pin.

How do Rivets Work?

When installed the rivet is either drilled into, placed or punched into a hole, afterwards the tail is then deformed to hold it into place.

The rivet is deformed by pounding or smashing of the tail, which makes the material flatter and usually causes the tail to be expanded by about one and a half times the size of the stem's original diameter.

When finished the tail has the appearance of a dumbbell shape completing the riveted joint.

Types of Rivets

  • Solid rivets - A technique that goes back to the Bronze Age, making this one of the oldest and also one of the most reliable types of fasteners.

    Round head rivet

    Countersunk head rivet

    Oval countersunk head rivet
  • Blind rivets - also know as hollow or pop rivets are used when it isn't possible to see the other side of a join. This type of riveting is very fast to apply and is used in a variety of sectors including aerospace, shipbuilding and electronics.
  • Oscar rivets -
  • Drive rivets
  • Flush rivet
  • Friction-lock rivet
  • Self-piercing rivets

Riveted Joints

Lap joint

  • Single Riveted Lap Joint
  • Double Riveted Lap Joint
  • Chain Riveted Lap Joint
  • Zig-Zag Riveted Lap Joint

Butt Joint

  • Single Straps Butt Joint
  • Double Straps Butt Joint
  • Single Riveted Butt Joint
  • Double Riveted Butt Joint
  • Chain Riveted Butt Joint
  • Zigzag Riveted Butt Joint

What is a Pop Rivet?

A pop rivet also known as a hollow or blind rivet are tubular and are supplied with a mandrel. This type of fastener can be applied from just one side of a work piece usually using a pop rivet gun or tool.

This can be used as replacements for adhesives, nuts and bolts, screws and welds.

How do Pop Rivets Work?

Pop fasteners are inserted into a drilled hole for materials needed for joining. A specifically designed tool is used in the process that pulls the mandrel head into the rivet body causing the body to expand and flare against the blind side of the join. When the mandrel reaches the face of the blind side of the join the mandrel snaps at its break point and the stem ejects to form a tight joint.

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