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Why is good housekeeping so important in Just-in-Time manufacturing?


Frequently Asked Questions

 As a general rule of thumb, introducing good housekeeping can help reduce mistakes and defects by 50%. Good housekeeping also ensures that the workplace is safe, and that tools, parts and information required for production are available when they are needed.

Within Just-in-Time and Lean Manufacturing philosophies, there are five fundamental aspects of good housekeeping. These are the '5 S's' of good housekeeping, which are:

  • 'SORT' - identify things that are absolutely necessary to perform the operation and remove everything else (e.g. remove anything that will not be needed within the next thirty days)
  • 'STRAIGHTEN' - provide a convenient, safe and orderly place for everything and keep it there
  • 'SCRUB' - keep machines, tools and the working environment clean
  • 'SYSTEMATISE' - keep everything clean and orderly by making cleaning and checking a routine
  • 'STANDARDISE' - standardise the previous four steps to ensure that the process never ends, and create an atmosphere of continual improvement

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