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What types of power source are available for MIG (GMA) welding?


Frequently Asked Questions

 Inverter power sources are now becoming the norm, but step transformer and thyristor types are still available. Advances in software have led to inclusion of intelligent control systems, including fuzzy logic, as means of setting and controlling the welding parameters. Sophisticated power sources, such as the surface tension transfer (STT) source, and cold metal transfer (CMT), have the potential to reduce spatter levels by controlling the current at the instant of short circuit.

Synergic pulsed MIG power sources are pre-programmed so that the correct pulse parameters are delivered automatically as the wire feed speed is varied. The power source can have pre-programmed pulse parameters for specific materials. Power sources are now available that set the correct arc length without operator adjustment.

Extracted from an article entitled 'Let's get technical - choosing an arc welding power source' by W Lucas and G Melton, published in Welding & Metal Fabrication, Vol.67, No.4, May 1999, pp.18-21. (Publishers - dmg BusinessMedia Ltd, Redhill, Surrey, UK - )

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