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Standards for assessing the quality of laser welded joints


Frequently Asked Questions

As in all areas, standards are subject to revision, withdrawal, re-edition etc, and the reader is best advised to check current statuses with TWI’s Information Services or online via sites such as,, or

At time of writing, standards (either published or still under development) directly relevant in this area include:

  • ISO 13919-1 and ISO 13919-2, 'Welding - Electron and Laser Beam Welded Joints - Guidance on Quality Levels for Imperfections'. Part 1 covers steel welds; Part 2 covers aluminium alloy welds.
  • American Welding Society AWS C7.2, 'Recommended Practices for Laser Beam Welding, Cutting and Drilling'.
  • ISO/DIS 12932, ‘Welding - Laser-arc hybrid welding of steels, nickel and nickel alloys - Quality levels for imperfections’ (under development at time of writing).

These standards give a comprehensive description of acceptable levels of imperfections in laser (or hybrid) welded joints.

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