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ASME IX NDT tests for welding procedure qualifications


ASME IX does not specify any mandatory non-destructive testing for welding procedure qualification.

However, if a procedure qualification test is also to be used for the performance qualification of the welder/ welding operator who makes the weld, the following two options are available:

  1. By carrying out additional radiography examination (QW302.2). In the near future, ultrasonic testing may be permitted in lieu of radiography as the ASME Sub Committees on procedure and performance qualifications is currently working on code revision to include ultrasonic testing on the basis of a previously approved code case
  2. By carrying out visual inspection (QW 194) and any additional mechanical tests as required by QW-452 based on the welding position, which is an essential variable for performance qualification, but only a supplementary essential variable for procedure qualification

The user should ensure that all relevant code requirements are met for the procedure as well as performance qualifications. Please contact TWI for any clarification.

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