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Charpy impact energy/lateral expansion for stainless steel


For full-size 10 x 10mm specimens, the relation between Charpy impact energy and Charpy lateral expansion is shown in Fig.1. for duplex and super duplex [1] and austenitic stainless steel [2].

Fig.1 Charpy impact energy, J
Fig.1 Charpy impact energy, J

Up to a Charpy impact energy of 100J, the corresponding lateral expansion can be approximated by:

LE(mm) = Charpy energy (J)/100

For higher Charpy energies, a fit to the data is given in Fig.1.


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  2. J Honeycombe, J A Barlow and T G Gooch: 'Welding austenitic steel and high completion rate processes: submerged arc welding'. TWI Research Report 155/1981, August 1981 (only available to TWI Industrial Members).

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